Sunday, August 19, 2012

Name Change

You may have noticed that my blog has switched names.  It used to be Mrs. King's Kinder's, but that won't work any more because this year I will be teaching first grade!  I am very excited about the switch.  I have always enjoyed my kindergarteners, but was always itching to try a different grade.  First grade is a perfect step because I will still be able to use a lot of my stuff including the 10 boxes of books that I packed. I had to pack up eight years of teaching materials because I also switched buildings.  I am still working on unpacking and organizing everything that is in my classroom including the materials that were left by the previous teacher.  The last teacher left me three almost full file cabinets, two full storage cabinets and many full cupboards.  So back to the school I go today to sort through and organize.

I have so many fun ideas for this blog.  Later this week I will be posting about my summer of fostering puppies and will include some cute photos.  I am going to a writing workshop in the middle of the week and plan to share what I learn.  Next week I hope to post photos of my classroom and some of the great ideas I have found through this blogging community.

I have been following a lot of great kindergarten blogs, but now I am on the lookout for wonderful first grade blogs.  If you have one that you would recommend please let me know!