Monday, September 10, 2012

A Peek into my Classroom

My first week of first grade went pretty well.  We have been spending a lot of time learning rules, routines and expectations.  This is not my favorite time of year, but I know that all of the practice will make the rest of the year go much more smoothly.  Starting a new grade has been tricky though because I am not as sure about the routines and expectations as I was with kindergarten.  With first grade should my expectations be a lot higher?  What rules do we need for desks?  In kindergarten we had tables. Now they have individual supplies instead of shared supplies - when do they sharpen their pencils?  How do we keep the desks from getting too crazy?  I am slowly figuring these things out, but I would love to hear your suggestions.

I did get some time to take a few photos of my classroom:

Calendar Corner

Reading Corner - my mom made the cute Curious George for me
 and student names are written on the balloons.
I was pretty happy with how things were set up at the beginning of last week, but I have already made some changes.  My desk area has been adjusted slightly so that my computer is not so high up and the students' desk are now in small rows facing the front of the room.  It was just too hard to move around the room with desks in groups.

Front of room

Back of room

That is it for tonight.  When I first started this blog I was worried about having things to post about, but now I am full of ideas.  Planned for this week is a post about my shoe theme, Pete the Cat, taking photos of students and more!


  1. Pete the Cat is musical, right? I have the book on my wishlist but don't remember why exactly... :D

    1. Yes, Pete the Cat books all have music - you can listen to the books here: and two of the books are available in paperback from this months Scholastic Book order. Let me know if you want to order them - I am placing an order next week. I think they are $5 for the both of them - Rocking in my School Shoes and I Love my White Shoes.